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A vehicle insurance quote is the fastest and most effective way to locate a good motor cover policy. You can get a very competitively priced quote by using one of the numerous price comparison sites that exist on the web. As long as you put accurate details into the online quote form, you should get a good vehicle insurance quote or even a good recreational vehicle insurance quote.

There are many factors which contribute to the calculation of your vehicle insurance quote. It might actually be a good idea to start your insurance research before you even acquire your vehicle. There are certain aspects of the vehicle itself that can affect your eventual premium.

Motor Age

The age of your motor can have a significant effect on your insurance costs. A brand new vehicle is more likely to attract a higher vehicle insurance quote, while an older car has less cash value and therefore costs less to insure. An older motor is therefore more likely to attract a lower vehicle insurance quote.

If you are on a very tight budget, you may need to stick to an older, second-hand vehicle in order to keep your monthly premium costs down and get a low vehicle insurance quote. However, even if you get a brand new car, the cash value of your vehicle will decrease over the years, so your premiums should get cheaper. This may not initially be of value to you, though.

There is one issue to be aware of with older cars. If your motor is old enough to be a classic car, you may find that its cash value rises over the years rather than decreases. This means that you may have to keep a careful eye on the market value of your vehicle so that you can make sure that your premium payments are at the right level. If you do not do this, you may end up with too little money on your insurance payments and your insurer may not be able to meet the full cash value of your car in the event that you need to make a claim.

Engine Size

Another important factor in the calculation of your vehicle insurance quote is engine size. Smaller cars tend to attract lower premiums because they have smaller engines, which are easier to keep good control over while driving. Bigger, high performance motors, such as sports cars, tend to have much bigger and more powerful engines, which are harder to keep control over due to their capacity to accelerate quickly and reach very high speeds.

As cars with big engines are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents than smaller cars, the premiums attached to them can be extremely high. This can particularly be the case if you are a young male driver. Young male motorists carry the most risk on the roads and this risk added to the high risk associated with high performance cars, leads to some of the most expensive policy premiums on the market. Therefore, if you are a young male driver and are short of funds, it is best to go for an older, smaller motor, rather than a brand new sports car.

However, due to improvements in technology, it is now possible for car manufacturers to make powerful engines in small packages so that they can be fitted in smaller cars. This means that your small car may in fact have a powerful engine inside it that will increase your premiums. It is best not to guess your engine size while filling in your application for a vehicle insurance quote. You can find the exact size of your engine in the specifications accompanying your motor.

Coverage Discounts

In addition to these factors, there are various discounts that you might be eligible for which can reduce your insurance quote. If you are a female driver, you can often enjoy significant reductions in your premiums and get a lower quote. This is due to women motorists maintaining a safer driving record overall. Mature drivers also have a good safety record on the roads, due to their greater experience, so if you are a mature motorist you can expect quite a cheap insurance quote.

There are many factors which are used to assess your insurance quote. If you know what these are, you can make informed choices, not just about your cover, but about the motor you decide to buy. The type of car you drive can affect your premiums quite significantly, but you can also get some reductions on your policy by applying as many discounts as you can. It is worth carefully comparing the estimates you are given before making a final decision on your coverage. A good vehicle insurance quote can be obtained, but you may have to do some careful thinking and planning in advance.

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