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An auto instant insurance quote is the object of most searches for motor insurance. No one likes to wait for results these days and if information can be obtained in an instant, this is seen as a most desirable outcome. People now lead much busier lives than they did in previous decades and so getting an instant car insurance quotes are essential for convenience and to fit in with our hectic lifestyles. Luckily there are now many websites which specialise in giving visitors an auto instant insurance quote.

An Instant Cover Quote

Perhaps the most important choice you will have to make while seeking out an auto instant insurance quote concerns the type of coverage you need. There are three main kinds of auto coverage which are available in the UK and they each offer slightly different benefits. They also offer different premium costs, so it is useful to know the difference between them before conducting an instant search for your auto quote.

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have cover on a car you intend to drive. If you drive without any form of insurance, you may face a hefty fine. It may also affect your ability to get proper coverage at a later date and may make future premiums very expensive.

Third Party Instant Quote

The minimum form of insurance required by law is third party. This provides you with protection from claims made against you if you cause damage to someone else's vehicle or injure someone else in an accident involving your motor. Any damage to you or your car, however, will not be met by your insurer. That is why third party is the cheapest type of cover and should result in a low auto instant insurance quote.

This type of insurance might be most applicable if you have an auto of limited value. It may be that the cost of repairs for any damage may outweigh the cost of buying a new car. If that is the case, third party may be the right insurance for you. In addition, if you are on a tight budget, third party offers the cheapest way to get moving on the roads legally. An auto instant insurance quote for third party should appear quite cost effective. But it may not be sufficient coverage for you and your car.

A slightly more expensive form of cover is third party fire and theft. If you choose this type of policy, you should expect your auto instant insurance quote to be a bit higher than it would be for third party only. Accidental damage to your own car is not covered in this kind of policy agreement. But if your car is of some value, this may be a better choice of policy for you as it involves coverage for theft and attempted theft. The term 'fire' refers to damage caused by fire, lightning or explosions, which sounds very dramatic, but does not cover damage due to vandalism like smashed windows.

Comprehensive Cover

If you want to provide your motor with the best coverage possible, you will not necessarily be aiming to find a cheap auto instant insurance quote. Comprehensive cover is the most expensive type of policy because it covers almost everything imaginable. If your auto is of significant value, you may wish to protect it as fully as possible.

A fully comprehensive policy covers everything that the previous two policies cover, with some significant additions. As well as accidental damage, vandalism and malicious damage are covered in this policy. These might be very important issues to deal with if you fear that your motor may be attacked by vandals or other miscreants. It also covers your auto against damage due to floods and storms, which might be a vital bit of cover to have if you live in an area which is prone to flood or storm warnings, particularly in coastal locations.

Another important piece of insurance offered by comprehensive coverage is for the loss of personal affects. This means that if your car is broken into for the contents, but the auto itself is not stolen, you can still receive compensation. This certainly makes comprehensive cover a well-rounded policy. But your auto instant insurance quote for this type of cover will be expensive.

If you are a young driver, it might be best to get a cheap car with third party cover until you can build up a no claims discount. Otherwise, the cost of fully comprehensive cover for young motorists can be prohibitive. Just because you can now get a quote in an instant, it does not mean you should settle for the first quote you see. It is best to shop around and compare providers rather than simply picking the initial auto instant insurance quote.

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