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A cheap auto insurance quote is easily obtainable these days if you know which factors may affect your premium payments. Being aware of these issues can help you to direct your search to companies that offer discounts for your particular circumstances. There are some factors, such as age and gender, which you have no control over when getting a cheap car insurance quote online. However, there are a variety of other aspects to your auto insurance which you can alter in order to get a cheap auto insurance quote.

Before you even consider which type of insurance you need, you may have to think about the car you are intending to buy. If you can plan ahead so that you consider the impact your choice of car has on your insurance before you commit to purchasing your motor, you can make significant savings in the long run. Your decision about which car model to buy can have a big effect on the size of your premiums and may not guarantee you a cheap insurance quote. Some types of car simply have more risk attached to them than others.

High Performance Automobiles

If you have chosen a high performance car, such as a Jaguar, you cannot hope for a cheap auto insurance quote. Cars such as these are classified into very expensive insurance groups. This is because they can accelerate faster than many other types of car and reach much higher speeds.

When assessing your auto for a cheap cover quote, an insurer assesses the risk involved. As a high performance car can reach dangerous speeds very quickly, the risk of getting into an accident while driving such a vehicle is very high. Therefore cover payments for these types of cars tends to be equally high. If you feel that you need to pay a cheap premium each month, it would be best to avoid purchasing or being gifted a high performance vehicle.

In addition to this, if you are a young male driver in possession of a high performance car, your cover payments will be amongst the highest available. Young male drivers statistically have the worst driving record out of all the different demographics. These kinds of statistics, added to the risk of driving a high performance car, greatly increase a premium quote. Young male motorists are also the most likely to desire a high performance car, but if you want to secure a cheap auto insurance quote, you should seek an alternative type of auto.

Cheap Cover for Small Cars

Smaller cars generally attract lower premiums than high performance cars, so if you are looking for a cheap auto insurance quote, but have not yet purchased your car, this is the type of model to look at. As small cars have less powerful engines, they are less likely to be involved in an accident. It is much harder to lose control over a car which cannot accelerate at high speeds. Therefore, a small car is usually assessed as having a smaller risk attached to it, which should generate a cheap auto insurance quote.

However, there is one issue to be aware of if you decide to buy a small car to take advantage of a lower auto quote. Auto manufacturers can now produce small but very powerful engines. That means that although your car is small, it may still be able to accelerate at high speeds, so there may still be a hefty premium attached to it. It is therefore advisable to check the engine specifications before making your purchase so that you can be sure about the potential for obtaining a cheap auto insurance quote for your new car.

Altering the Excess

One other factor which may affect your cheap auto insurance quote is the excess. There are two types of excess attached to your coverage policy. The first is compulsory excess, which is set by your insurance company and cannot be altered. The second is voluntary excess. This can be changed to receive benefits in your monthly premiums.

Voluntary excess is the sum of money which you promise to pay if you are found to be at fault in an accident where a successful claim is made against you. The lower your voluntary excess, the higher your premium will be because your insurer faces an increased risk of paying out on a claim. If you can increase your voluntary excess, this should result in a cheap quote and some significant savings.

There are many choices you can make that will affect the cost of your auto cover. Perhaps the most important choice occurs when you make the decision about which type of car to buy. Having a good knowledge of the factors involved in calculating your monthly premium, and being able to act to change them, may result in a cheap auto insurance quote.

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