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A classic car insurance online quote may reassure you that it's not impossible to find affordable coverage for your collectors vehicle. Insuring these valuable assets can be costly, and classic car owners are rarely willing to settle for anything less than quality insurance. However, if you compare quotes from a number of providers that specialise in insuring classic cars, you may find that you can avail an affordable policy that gives your car the protection it deserves.

When you request a classic car insurance online quote, you save yourself the bother of phoning agents or offices to compare prices. Online comparison car insurance estimate shopping is fast and convenient. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can contact several companies and receive a quote within a very short time. Take advantage of our online features to request a quote from our network of trusted providers.

Classic Car Rates

As much as you value your vintage or collectible automobile, you must admit that it's more costly to maintain and repair than the newest sports hatch on the market. Insurance companies consider the cost of spare parts and repair times when determining your rates for car cover. Insurers also consider such factors as the top acceleration speed of the automobile, the size of the engine and its weight. If your car is classified in a high risk band, you are likely to pay higher premiums.

Because of their high value, the cost of their parts, average length of repair times and availability of qualified repairmen, vintage automobiles must be covered with classic auto insurance. When you receive a classic car insurance online quote, you'll note that the cost is higher for these vehicles. Your online quote reflects the higher costs of repairing or replacing your automobile in the event of an accident, fire or theft.

You may receive a lower quote if you are between the ages of 50 and 70. Insurance companies take your age into consideration when determining your rates, and drivers between the ages of 50 and 70 have the lowest rate of accidents of any age group. A woman driver may also receive a slightly lower classic car insurance online quote, as women are among the safest drivers on the road, statistically speaking.

Your online quote may be reduced if you park your vintage vehicle in a locked garage at night instead of on the street or in the drive. If your automobile has been fitted with an alarm system, high performance locks or other security devices, you may be able to achieve a lower online quote. Enhancing the security and safety of your collectible auto will not only reduce your risk of theft; it may lower your insurance rates.

Comparing Classic Cover Online

A classic car insurance online quote will reflect the comprehensive protection that this policy provides. Comprehensive cover includes basic third party protection, which meets your requirements for driving legally in the UK. Third party cover protects you against the financial consequences of an accident. If you are pursued for compensation due to injuries or property loss, your policy will pay out to recover the costs.

Because the bodywork of a collectors automobile is crucial to its value, a classic car insurance online quote reflects the cost of repairing your vehicle and windscreen in the event of an accident or fire. A classic car insurance online quote also includes the cost of replacing your auto in the event of a theft. Although many collectors consider their vintage automobiles irreplaceable, theft protection should be included in your quotation.

Classic car insurance specialists may offer certain discounts or bonuses to the drivers of these vehicles to make their cover more affordable. When you request a classic car insurance online quote, inquire about the insurer's no claims bonus. A no claims discount may be available if you drive for an entire policy period without filing claims. Some insurers offer very attractive discounts which increase over the years, approaching 60 to 65 percent of your premiums.

Trusted Vintage Auto Insurers

The convenience of the internet has made gathering collectible automobile cover quotations and applying for policies fast and easy. However, the internet has also encouraged fraudulent companies to perpetrate electronic scams. When you're comparing policies, limit your search to trusted, FSA regulated companies that have a solid reputation for insuring collectors cars. The Financial Services Authority, or FSA, regulates insurers and other financial service providers in the UK to protect consumers against fraud.

Collect quotations from competing companies to find the best coverage for your auto at affordable prices. Inquire about discounts, credits or bonuses that may minimise the cost of protection. A reasonable classic car insurance online quote may persuade you that you can afford to drive your collectible treasure, even at peak hour.

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