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A commercial auto insurance quote is a very sensible thing to obtain if you want to get the best value for money for your coverage. When you are running a business, it is sound judgement to do some research into prices before committing to a purchase. Of course, you may not be looking for a commercial auto insurance quote because you have bought a vehicle for your business.

There are many vehicles which may fall under the commercial category, but generally they are not cars. Vans and lorries are probably the most common forms of commercial auto, but tractors also count, as do passenger carriers, camper vans and pick-up trucks. You may have acquired one of these as your normal, everyday vehicle, but you will still need to get a commercial auto insurance quote for it.

Cover Quote Options

The auto insurance quote options for commercial vehicles do not vary that much from ordinary car insurance, but there is one exception. You can also get fleet insurance for your commercial auto if you have more than one of them. This will save you money because all of your commercial vehicles can be insured on one policy. This gives you significant discounts in comparison to insuring each vehicle separately. Other forms of commercial auto insurance are the same as for regular car cover.

A commercial auto insurance quote for third party only will probably be the cheapest. This is the most basic type of cover and does not offer any protection for your auto. It only offers protection against liability for damages you have inflicted upon other vehicles or people while causing an accident. This type of policy can be limited, but if you have a vehicle of low cash value, this might be the right kind of policy.

You will have to judge whether it is worth protecting your auto against damage. It could be that the cash value of your vehicle is so low that the cost of any repairs might outweigh the actual value of the auto itself. If this is the case, you may indeed be better off with a third party only policy.


If you are worried about the potential theft of your vehicle, you may want to invest in a slightly more expensive type of policy which should generate a higher commercial auto insurance quote. Third party fire and theft is the cheapest anti-theft policy but is more expensive than simple third party only. This type of insurance offers you compensation if your vehicle is stolen, and also provides you with protection against fire damage.

However, this type of policy, although more expensive than third party only, still has its limitations. It does not cover you against any damage which is not fire related, so you would be out of luck if you needed to make a claim for your smashed mirrors and windows. It also does not give you protection for the contents of your vehicle. If you are using your vehicle for business purposes, this might be a particular concern as the contents inside your van may be quite expensive and represent a significant loss if stolen.

A fully comprehensive policy would generate the most expensive commercial auto insurance quote. This policy has the most benefits, which is why it is the most pricy. This type of insurance quote involves cover against both accidental damage and malicious damage. This means that you would be able to make a claim for any damages acquired in an accident, but additionally, you would also be able to make a claim for any damage inflicted due to vandalism.

A commercial auto insurance quote involving a fully comprehensive policy will also cover the loss of personal affects. This is not quite the same as contents cover, but it will provide you with protection if someone breaks in and steals your wallet or stereo. With this type of policy, you can often get additional coverage to suit your individual needs, so if you use your vehicle for business, and wish to safeguard the contents of your motor, you can take out additional contents cover for a small extra fee.

A commercial auto insurance quote is vital to acquire if you own a vehicle which is bigger than a car. Bigger vehicles generally carry more risk with them than ordinary cars which is one of the reasons you may need to seek out a more specialised cover quote. They are also more easily used for business purposes, which always attracts higher rates when you are looking for a quote.

Getting a quote can greatly enhance your knowledge of the market value for cover for your particular mode of transport. This knowledge can save you money in the long term. If you do some careful research, you should find a good commercial auto insurance quote.

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