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For a comprehensive car insurance quote, you really need to look online. There are many websites which offer services to help you get the cheapest auto insurance quote possible while making sure that you still have comprehensive cover. These websites often come in the form of brokerage services, where your details can be matched specifically to different kinds of policy deals. This makes your insurance tailor-made for your circumstances and enables you to obtain a more accurate comprehensive car insurance quote.

A comprehensive car insurance quote will often be quite expensive as fully comprehensive cover has the most benefits of any insurance policy available on the market. However, this does not mean that you are necessarily doomed to high coverage costs if you feel the need to get a comprehensive car insurance quote. There are many discounts and incentives which can make your comprehensive insurance more affordable.

Benefits of Cover

The comprehensive car insurance quote you obtain in your search will be based on a number of protections. For example, fully comprehensive insurance covers you against third party liability, so your insurer will cover damages to other people or vehicles that might be involved in an accident where you are judged to be at fault. It also offers protection against deliberate or accidental damage, and also damage due to natural disasters, such as storms or floods. In addition, your motor will be protected against theft and you may be able to get personal affects cover too, which means that the loss of personal items from your car can be compensated. Overall, a comprehensive car insurance quote covers most eventualities that you can think of.

All of these benefits add up to quite an expensive premium, but savings can be made. On this type of policy, you are able to vary the excess. There are two types of excess: voluntary and compulsory. You cannot alter the compulsory excess but you can negotiate with your insurance company to change your voluntary excess.

Available Discounts

This is the sum of money which you promise to pay if a successful claim is made against you. The higher this is, the lower your premium becomes. This is because your insurer feels more confident that you will drive with caution to avoid ever having to pay out such a sum. You are thus judged to be a lower risk and your comprehensive car insurance quote should reflect this.

Additionally, you may want to look at the security of your vehicle in order to secure any discounts on your comprehensive car insurance quote. If you can ensure that your car is kept in a very safe and secure location, your premium should be lower. As comprehensive cover offers protection against theft, your insurer will want to be certain that you are taking good care of the security of your car. The more likely your car is to be stolen, the higher your premium quote will be.

By keeping your car safely locked away in a garage, you can cut the risk of theft to your motor. However, if you have to keep your car parked overnight on a side street far from your home, your motor is at increased risk of theft and your policy quote will rise accordingly. The crime rate in your neighbourhood may also be taken into account when calculating your insurance quote and could push your quote up if there is significant vehicle crime in your area.

Your address thus has a specific amount of risk attached to it, and your insurer will want to know where your vehicle will be parked the majority of the time. The address at which it is parked is known as the risk address, and this tends to be higher in urban areas. Urban areas are more prone to crime than rural areas and this is taken into account when calculating your premium quote.

Adding a Tracker

Other security measures you could take to lower your cover rates include making sure that your alarm and immobiliser are in good working order. This is the very minimum kind of security required by insurers. An excellent little device to invest in if you want cheaper premiums and better security is a tracker. When activated, a tracker will lead police straight to your automobile, so you are more likely to recover your vehicle, and your insurer is less likely to have to pay out in compensation.

Fully comprehensive cover is the best kind of policy to have if you want to cover every eventuality that might befall your motor. Its expense can often be offset by a number of discounts which you can implement yourself. If you take care over your security and choose to increase your voluntary excess, you may find your comprehensive car insurance quote quite affordable.

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