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A free auto insurance quote online is an excellent way to gather information about your motor coverage choices. There are now many online services which can connect you to different insurance companies offering a free auto quote. These online services can be free to the consumer because insurers pay to be included on these sites. It can often prove to be less expensive to do this than to advertise traditionally through the print or audio-visual media.

These online auto insurance price comparison sites or brokers do all the hard work for you. You enter your details into an online form, and they match up your details to the most relevant insurance providers for a free auto insurance quote online. This can save you a lot of time.

The only downside to using these free online services is that not all auto insurers are featured on them. Some insurance providers like to maintain traditional ways of advertising and have their own online presence which they do not have to share with the competition. As a result, you are unlikely to find cheap quote deals from insurers who are not included on price comparison sites, as they do not have to compete directly with other insurers offering a free auto quote.

Types of Auto Usage

One of the factors which insurers take into account when calculating your free auto insurance quote online is your car usage. You will need to select a car usage category when you apply for a free auto insurance quote online. This is quite important to get right as some categories are cheaper than others. It is very unwise to manipulate the truth about your car usage because it could affect your potential pay out. If you get into an accident while driving your car in a way which does not match your usage category, your insurer may refuse to pay out on your claim. They may consider you to have voided your agreement by not keeping them updated.

The cheapest category is social, domestic and pleasure. This category of car usage is designed for people who do not use the family auto very much at all. It does not cover you for traveling to and from work, but it does cover leisure trips. For example, if you only use the car to visit friends or go to the cinema, this category would fit your circumstances.

The most popular category for a free quote is commuting, which does cover you for travelling to and from work every day. In fact, it even covers you if you have to drive to a railway station, park there and take the train for part of your journey. It is more expensive than social, domestic and pleasure, but not as expensive as the next category, which is business use.

A free quote for business use covers people who have to travel to different locations for work. For example, you may have to travel to meetings in different towns. However, the most expensive category is commercial. The commercial usage category is for people who are on the road for most of their working day. The longer you travel on the road, and the further you have to go, the more at risk you are from road accidents. Therefore, your free auto insurance quote online will be calculated accordingly.

Auto Insurance Discounts

You might be able to reduce your free auto insurance quote online by adjusting your voluntary excess. This is the sum of money which you promise to pay if you get into an accident and are judged to be at fault. If you can set your voluntary excess to the maximum level, your premium should fall. This is because your insurance company will have more confidence that you will drive responsibly on the roads, if only to avoid having to pay out such a vast sum of money.

However, in order to alter your voluntary excess, you will need to be very confident in your ability to never get into an accident. If you do cause an accident, you will be facing an extremely large bill that you will have to pay. You may actually be better off in the long run by paying the set premiums without altering your voluntary excess.

There are many factors which go into the calculation of your free auto insurance quote online. Many of them can be altered for your financial benefit. However, some factors, like gender or age, cannot be altered so easily and may push your free auto insurance quote online upwards or downwards. Because there can be so much variation between insurance companies in the deals that they offer, it is very wise to compare each quote against others. That way, you can be sure that your free auto insurance quote online represents a good deal.

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