Free Instant Auto Insurance Quote

A free instant auto insurance quote can be generated by a vast number of websites sprouting up all over the internet. These websites involve free brokerage services or price comparison searches which can offer you useful guidance when on the hunt for an auto quote. Your affordable auto cover quote can often be gained in an instant, so it is an extremely effective way to maximise your time when doing research. A free instant auto insurance quote can be the first step in your hunt for better car insurance.

Free Instant Estimates

These instant estimates can be free because insurers now recognise the benefits of putting their deals before a wide audience. As websites dedicated to giving you an instant quote get extremely good internet traffic, it is in the interest of an insurance company to get itself and its coverage deals listed on these websites or made available to auto insurance brokers. In this way, they reach a bigger potential source of customers, and they often pay the websites to get listed on them. Your auto quote can therefore be both instant and free.

However, there may be other insurance deals which may not be available from these services. The bigger and more profitable insurance companies may be able to invest more in traditional advertising and therefore have less need to get other sources to attract customers. On the other hand, they are also less likely to want to offer attractive incentives as they will have no direct competitors on their own website.

There are now specialist online insurers who focus on a particular demographic. For example, there are insurers who specialise in deals for women drivers or young motorists. If you fall into one of these special categories, it might be worth seeking out a specialist auto insurer who can advise you on the best deals regarding your particular risk factors.

Assessing Risk

Many elements can affect your free instant auto insurance quote. Insurers calculate your premium quote on the basis of risk. If they consider you to be high risk, your premium will be high. On the other hand, if you can show your insurer that you are a low risk, you are likely to receive a lower free instant auto insurance quote.

Your gender can play a significant role in the price of your premium. Women drivers can often secure a lower free instant auto insurance quote than men. This is because women are generally considered to be low risk by insurers, as they are involved in fewer accidents and tend to drive with more caution on the roads. Even young female drivers can take advantage of this gender discount, which might be particularly welcome when young motorists face such high premiums in general. As a result of discounts like this, young women motorists should be able to get lower free instant auto insurance quotes.

Marital status can also play an important role in calculating your premium. Some insurers view married people as being more responsible, and therefore lower risk, than single people. Married motorists can therefore enjoy slightly lower coverage payments with some companies and achieve a more attractive free instant auto insurance quote.

This benefit is extended to the no claims discount. A no claims discount can be transferred between legally married spouses, so if one builds up a good no claims bonus over several years, but then decides not to drive any more, the other can use the no claims discount instead. However, this marital discount does not apply to people who are not legally married or cohabiting. It is therefore much more expensive to be a driver if you are single than if you are married.

One other means of lowering you risk rating is to take an advanced driving course. Advanced driving courses such as the Pass Plus give you a lot more experience and practice on the roads while still under supervision. Besides lowering risk, these courses can make you a better driver in general.

On the Pass Plus course you gain further experience on faster roads, like dual carriageways and motorways, which can make you a safer driver on longer journeys. You also get to practice driving at night and in different weather conditions, which will make you more confident when having to drive in those situations. Not all insurers recognise the Pass Plus as lowering your risk, but it is worth shopping around for a free instant auto insurance quote which does incorporate this extra training.

A free instant auto insurance quote depends on many factors in the calculation of your potential premium. There are many things you can do to lower your risk, and therefore also lower your free auto quote, before committing to a policy or getting a calculation. There will usually be a free instant auto insurance quote to suit you.

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