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A free online auto insurance quote should be your aim if you are in search of good, cost effective car cover. Every motorist in the UK is required by law to have some form of motor insurance and the best way to make sure you get a good deal is to use online services to acquire a car insurance quote. A free online auto insurance quote is an essential tool to locate the right coverage for you.

There are now several online services which can provide you with the capability to compare different deals from different insurance providers. Price comparison sites and brokerage websites are excellent online resources from which to gain a quote. These services can be free to you because insurance companies pay to be included on them. This is great news for you because it increases the competitiveness between insurance providers and drives down each free online auto insurance quote.

Before you pursue a free online auto insurance quote, it is a good idea to choose which car cover policy you wish to focus on. This will narrow down your estimates and allow you to find your auto quote faster. There are three main types of cover available to you as a personal car driver in the UK.

Insurance Types

If you are trying to keep your costs down, you will probably be drawn to a free online auto insurance quote which features third party only cover. Third party is the cheapest form of auto coverage and grants you the minimum protection required by UK law. It covers you in case you cause an accident which damages someone else's auto or injures somebody else.

However, third party only does not cover you for damage to your own auto, so it is quite a limited policy. It is also not an anti-theft policy, so if you need to protect your auto against theft, this is not the policy for you. Conversely, it is a good budget cover which is excellent if you have an auto of low cash value which is unlikely to be stolen and cheap to insure.

Third party fire and theft policies would result in a free online auto insurance quote with more benefits. A third party fire and theft agreement gives you protection against fire-related damage, such as lightning, while also providing protection against theft. So, if your motor is stolen, you should be able to make a claim.

However, under this type of policy, other kinds of damage are not covered. For example, you would not be covered if someone smashed your windows or dented your bodywork, nor would it cover you if someone broke into your car and stole some of the contents. If you want to have full protection, you need to focus your free online auto insurance quote on fully comprehensive cover.

A fully comprehensive policy offers the most benefits, but it is also the most expensive. Therefore any free online auto insurance quote which deals with fully comprehensive cover will appear quite pricy. This type of policy will cover you against both accidental and malicious damage, and also offers cover for the theft of your personal affects in addition to theft of your car. Occasionally, breakdown cover is also included, but it is always best to check the wording of your agreement carefully to ensure you are covered for everything you need. If you need breakdown cover, but it is not included in your policy, you can often add it as additional cover for a small extra fee.

Discount Factors

Once you have chosen the type of policy you want to look for online, you can think about what discounts may be available to you. Discounts can be included in your free quote, but it is best to be as accurate and detailed as possible in order to get the best quality free quote. Sometimes it can be worth having the paperwork of your previous insurance policy and owners' manual in front of you so that you can be sure you are entering the most accurate data.

Some discounts that you may be able to implement are associated with demographics. Some motorists are statistically less likely to be the cause of road accidents, so insurers calculate less risk for them. If you are a female motorist, your free estimate will probably be cheaper than a free quote for a male counterpart.

Older motorists are also likely to attract cheaper free estimates online than younger drivers. This is due to their greater experience on the roads and greater sense of responsibility, so their calculation of risk will be lower. Young motorists have the highest risk, due to their inexperience and potential overconfidence while driving. Knowing which factors may impact your online estimates will help you find the most appropriate free online auto insurance quote.

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