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Free online auto insurance quotes are an excellent way of finding out the general prices for your vehicle coverage before committing to a specific insurance policy. There is no risk for you in trying out these services as they are free and easily accessible online. In fact, it would be quite careless, financially speaking, to purchase car cover impulsively without doing any research. You may end up paying over the odds for your new policy or you may later find out that your insurance is inadequate.

There are many free online price comparison sites which can help you to find auto cover quotes. The value of your free online auto insurance quotes will depend upon the accuracy of the information you give on the online form. As long as your information is as accurate as possible, you should receive accurate free online auto insurance quotes. However, if you leave out important information or make mistakes, the value of your free online quotes will be limited and you may have to start the process all over again.

Auto Use Categories

There are certain important details which can affect your free online auto insurance quotes. For example, the usage category of your auto can affect the price of your premiums. This is because each category has a different level of risk attached to it, and insurance companies calculate your premiums according to the risk you pose to them. Generally, the more you use your car, the higher your car usage category will be and the higher your free online auto insurance quotes will be as a result.

The cheapest car usage category is social, domestic and pleasure, and should result in slightly lower free online auto insurance quotes. The reason this is the cheapest category is that it only covers you for infrequent or short journeys. For example, if you only use the auto to go shopping or visit friends, but you do not drive it to work, you could fall into this category.

The next category is the most common and is for commuting to and from work. This category will fit your circumstances if you drive your car to the same work address every day, and will even cover you if you only drive it to the rail station and continue your journey by train. However, it is not suitable for you if you have to journey to several different locations for work, such as for meetings. You would have to pick the business category for that, which is a bit more expensive.

The commercial category is the most expensive form of car usage as it involves being on the roads for prolonged periods of time. For example, if you were a sales representative, you may have to travel quite long distances upon unfamiliar roads in order to complete the requirements of your job. It is never a good idea to choose a false category just to get cheaper insurance, as your insurer is bound to find out if you have an accident and may void your agreement.

Details for Free Insurance Quotes

Other details which might affect your free online auto insurance quotes include the age, make and model of your auto. If you want to keep your costs down, it can be a good idea to avoid getting a brand new car. New cars generally have higher cash values than older cars and thus attract higher premiums. In addition, smaller makes of car will also attract lower premiums.

This is because a small car usually has a small engine which is easy to control. In contrast, bigger cars with high powered engines can be difficult to maintain control over and are more associated with accidents. As a result, cars with big engines tend to attract higher premiums.

However, it is not always easy to guess which cars have powerful engines. Modern technology has evolved sufficiently to build powerful engines in small packages. This means that while you may assume your small car has a small engine, this may not be the case. It is always best to consult the owner's manual for the exact specifications so that you can enter them more accurately on your online form when you apply for free online auto insurance quotes.

There are many small details to be aware of when you are seeking free auto quotes on the internet. Small errors in the data you input into the online form on price comparison sites may result in a distorted set of quotes which may be of limited value to you. It is always best to be as accurate as possible when requesting free insurance quotes, so that your time is not wasted. The best free online auto insurance quotes come from good data.

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