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An instant auto insurance quote online is the easiest way to get a car insurance estimate for your new motor. The ease and convenience of using online sources to locate an instant auto insurance quote makes it the obvious starting point for your investigation into different coverage deals. By getting an instant auto insurance quote online, you will be saving precious time as well as making instant savings on your premiums and avoiding the hassle of dealing with telephone sale advisors.

Before making an application for an instant auto insurance quote online, you need to have some details in front of you so that you can get the most accurate instant online quote possible. By ensuring that you are entering correct information, you can be confident that the instant auto quote you receive will resemble what you would be offered by an insurance company at the end of the online application process. You also need to be clear on how you are planning to use your car.

Auto Usage

There are four main categories of car use, and each one carries a different amount of risk. Insurers measure risk in order to calculate your instant auto insurance quote online, and therefore a lower risk leads to a lower premium quote. The category your auto falls into will depend upon the purpose of your car travels. Generally speaking, the more you use your car, the more you are at risk of being in an accident. Your instant premium quote will therefore be higher if you use your car more frequently.

The cheapest type of car usage falls into the social, domestic and pleasure category. People who only use their car to go shopping or visit friends and relations would fall into this category. It is not suitable for people who have to drive their auto to work, but can be ideal if you are retired or do not have to work for any other reason. Not only do the journeys tend to be short, they are also familiar, which subsequently leads to a lower probability of accident.

However, if you are in employment, you will probably have to choose the commuting category. This is slightly more expensive than the previous one, as it involves more regular and continual use of the auto. This would also cover a situation where you had to travel to the train station or bus station by car and park there as part of your usual journey to work. So, if you are employed, remember that you need to use this category when applying for an instant auto insurance quote online.

A third category would be business use, when you have to drive to different places for work. You may fit into this category if you are a freelancer or contractor. And finally there is commercial travelling, which represents the heaviest use of the car on the roads. This is for an individual who spends most of their working lives driving from one place to another, such as a sales representative. These final two categories are the most expensive and would result in a higher instant auto insurance quote online.

Car Details for Insurance

Other information you may need to input into your application for an instant auto insurance quote online, includes details about the make, model and engine size of your car. The older your motor is, the cheaper your instant online insurance estimate will usually be, so insurers like to know the age of the car to approximate its value and therefore what any future compensation is likely to be. The model can also be a factor, as different types of car have different values.

However, it is engine size which might make a big contribution to you instant auto insurance quote online. Motors which have big, powerful engines, enabling them to accelerate quickly and at fast speeds, tend to attract higher insurance premiums. These cars tend to be high performance sports automobiles. If you have one of these cars, and also happen to be a young male driver, you can expect extremely high premiums. This is because cars with powerful engines are easier to lose control over and therefore more likely to cause accidents.

On the other hand, a car with a small engine, which cannot accelerate at great power or speeds, can secure you a lower online premium as they have less risk attached to them. However, the engine size in some small cars can be deceptively powerful, so it is always best to consult the specifications of your motor when applying for an instant online quote. By taking care over the details you input in your application for cover, you should be able to get an accurate instant auto insurance quote online.

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