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Low auto insurance quotes are easier to obtain than you might at first think. Auto coverage can be quite expensive, especially if you have a limited or chequered driving history. However, you do not have to settle for the first set of car insurance quotes you are given. With a little research you can hopefully find some reductions that will bring down the potential costs of your premium and secure low auto insurance quotes for you.

There are many options open to you in your search for low auto insurance quotes. The type of policy you have, the security you have for your auto and the age of your car can all have an influence on the quotes you finally get. But when you are applying for insurance, you must make sure that you give the most accurate data you can.

Not only can inaccurate data give you misleading low auto insurance quotes, you may also end up with inadequate insurance if you decide to go with a low cover estimate from quotes you have received which have been based on inaccurate or incomplete data. Therefore, even at the earliest stage it is best to provide as much information as possible so that you stand a higher chance of getting accurate and hopefully low auto insurance quotes.

Insurance Policy Types

A third party policy is a great budget type of insurance. It is low cost because it only offers the minimum protection required by UK law. It therefore offers protection against liability for damages to third party vehicles or people. It does not cover your own motor for damages, nor does it cover any passengers who may be travelling with you at the time of an accident. You will probably get low auto insurance quotes if you select this type of coverage, but it may not be the best type of cover for you.

If your car is of significant value, you may want a policy that protects you against theft. If that is the case, you might choose either third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover. Fully comprehensive coverage is the most expensive type of policy but it offers the best protection against theft and damages. However, if you are primarily concerned about the theft of your car, the minimum amount of cover you would require is third party fire and theft.

Impact of Low Security

Security can also have an impact on your low auto quotes. The better security you can provide for your auto, the lower your premium will be. This is especially the case if you have chosen a policy which protects you against theft. Your insurer will want to know that your vehicle is as safe as possible before they can insure your auto with confidence. If they are not confident in the security of the vehicle, you may well find that you receive high auto insurance quotes instead of low ones.

Security can be maintained by keeping your car in a safe and locked environment, like a garage. Even a driveway can offer more security than parking away from the house on a curb because the vehicle is always observable from the house. It is less likely that a thief will target a motor kept in a locked garage or a driveway. However, the further away from your home and the more open an environment your vehicle is kept in, the more likely it is that a thief might take the opportunity to steal your motor.

Other security precautions include keeping your alarm and immobiliser in working order. These are the minimum security measures required and most cars are now fitted with them before they leave the showroom. However, if you have a second-hand car it might be worth checking that these items still work or even that they are present at all, if you have a really old car. Generally, the better your security precautions, the more successful you will be in acquiring low auto insurance quotes.

Low Insurance for Old Cars

The age of your car can also impact your quotes in a big way. Old cars tend to have less cash value attached to them and thus usually attract low auto insurance quotes. Brand new cars, however, can attract quite high premiums as their cash value is high. Cars generally lose their cash value as they get older, resulting in lower premiums over time.

However, if you have an antique motor, you may find your premiums to be surprisingly high. Once a car gets into the antique category, its cash value actually increases year after year, so you may find your premiums going up over time. This is something to consider before purchasing a car at all, as the age of the vehicle can influence whether you can get low auto insurance quotes.

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