Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes

Multiple auto insurance quotes are a great idea and so easy to acquire. It is never a good idea to just jump at the first estimate you are given. You really need multiple selections of quotes to choose from in order to find the right deal. Multiple quotes allow you to compare prices more directly so that you can get a better overview of the coverage options open to you.

Multiple auto insurance quotes can now be provided free of charge on the internet. There has been an explosion of auto insurance price comparison sites or brokerage sites on the internet in recent years, and these can be great tools to locate the best quotes for you. Brokerage sites in particular can offer a more personalised service and deliver you more tailor-made multiple quotes for you to peruse at your leisure.

Multiple Auto Discounts

There are many discounts to be on the lookout for while researching your multiple auto insurance quotes. One of these discounts relates to the excess payable on your motor. There are two types of excess in your policy agreement: compulsory and voluntary. You cannot do anything about the compulsory excess, but the voluntary excess may be alterable. This is the sum of money which you promise to pay if you are found to be at fault in an accident and a claim is made against you.

You may be able to increase your voluntary excess to its highest amount. This will offset some of the risk you pose to your insurer and you are thus likely to gain a discount on your policy. This may be reflected in your multiple auto insurance quotes. As you will be offering to pay more money, your insurance company will have more confidence in your ability and intention to drives safely on the roads. However, not all policies offer you the opportunity to increase your voluntary excess, so you will have to check your agreement documents carefully.

No Claims Discounts

You may also be eligible for a no claims bonus. This is a discount awarded to drivers who have maintained a good safety record on the roads for several years. A no claims bonus comprises a sum of money which is discounted from your insurance premium as a reward for not making any claims.

This kind of bonus is often only available if you have significant experience of driving and it can be transferred between insurance providers. If you are checking out multiple auto insurance quotes because you wish to swap insurers, you can still preserve your no claims bonus. You just need to make sure that you have all your documentation in a safe place so that you can produce it later if your new insurer wants to see it. They may wish to have proof of the no claims bonus that you have accrued.

A no claims bonus can also be transferred between married couples. This can be exceptionally useful if one of you has retired or for any reason does not want to drive any longer. Your carefully built up no claims bonus can still be used by your spouse, so it is well worth preserving.

You may be worried about losing your no claims accident if you do experience a mishap on the roads. Many insurance policies, which you may come across in pursuit of multiple auto insurance quotes, can provide you with protection for your no claims bonus. This protection will mean that even if you do have to make a claim on your auto insurance policy, you will not lose your entire bonus. However, this protection is likely to come in the form of an extra fee.

Women and Mature Motorist Discounts

Female drivers can also acquire special discounts based on their good safety record on the roads. As they are generally safer drivers than men, appearing in fewer accidents, they attract lower premiums when looking for multiple auto insurance quotes. Similarly, mature drivers can also gain substantial discounts as their reputation for responsible driving makes them low risk to insurers. Multiple auto insurance quotes for individuals who fall into either of these demographics is likely to be quite low.

There are many factors which can contribute to the prices you receive from your auto insurance quotes. Sometimes, you cannot do anything to alter these factors for your financial benefit. However, it may be possible to alter certain elements of your policy so that your multiple auto quotes can be more affordable. You have nothing to lose by taking the time to investigate the discounts that you might be eligible for. By giving as much information as possible when seeking multiple auto estimates, you should receive accurate and useful multiple auto insurance quotes.

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