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An online vehicle insurance quote can be an excellent way to save money on your motor coverage. Everyone who drives a motor vehicle in the UK needs to have a minimum level of insurance cover in order to stay within the law. The easiest way to find the necessary cover these days is to look online for an auto insurance coverage quote.

There are many internet services which can provide you with an online vehicle insurance quote and you will not have to search very far to find one. These online services can match your details to the available estimates from a variety of insurance companies. This will help to ensure that each quote you get is of value to you as it will take into account your individual circumstances.

Third Party Policies

There are three main types of policies for which you can find an online vehicle insurance quote. The minimum form of cover which is required by the law in the UK is third party only. This form of coverage will give you protection against liability for two main occurrences; damage another vehicle and injury to another person. These instances may occur if you have been the cause of an accident, in which case your insurer will pay the costs of the damages.

However, an online vehicle insurance quote based upon a third party only policy is very limited in scope. It does not cover you for a number of occurrences which you might find essential. For example, any damages to your own vehicle are not covered under a quote for this type of policy. Nor is theft of your vehicle covered by a third party only quote. If you wish to have a more comprehensive online quote, you may have to widen your budget and examine other, more expensive policies.

A third party only online vehicle insurance quote will be the cheapest kind because of its limited cover. In contrast, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive cover are more expensive. They each have improved features in contrast to third party only, but third party fire and theft would provide the cheaper online vehicle insurance quote of the two.

A third party fire and theft online vehicle insurance quote will offer the same protection as simple third party, but with the added features of protection against damage due to fire, such as explosions or lightning as well as ordinary incidences of fire, and protection against theft, which might be essential if your vehicle is of significant cash value. If you do wish to get some kind of anti-theft policy, this type of insurance will give you the cheapest online quote. However, third party fire and theft is also limited.

This kind of coverage policy does not cover all types of damage, only damage due to fire-related incidents. It will not cover accidental damage to your motor. Therefore, if you want to have more wide-ranging protection against damage, you will need to look at more expensive premiums. In addition, although it will cover the theft of the car itself, it will not cover the loss of any personal items which might be stolen from your vehicle.

Fully Comprehensive Cover

An online vehicle insurance quote based on fully comprehensive cover will provide you with the most protection. It will cover you for most incidents that you can think of. In addition to coverage against accidental damage, it will also cover you against deliberate damage, like vandalism. It will also cover you for the loss of personal affects, so that you can make a claim if someone breaks into your motor and steals your possessions.

Popular Discounts

If you do want to search online for fully comprehensive insurance, you will need to be prepared to pay quite high premiums. However, there are discounts that you can apply in order to make savings on this type of cover. For example, you can adjust your voluntary excess to its maximum amount. A voluntary excess is the sum of money which you promise to pay if you are found to be at fault in an accident. If you can make this higher, your insurance company may lower your premiums. This is because they are more likely to believe that you will take better care while driving on the roads.

Another popular discount to lower your online estimates is a no claims bonus. This is a discount given by an insurance company to a driver who has managed to avoid making a claim for several years. For each year that you can avoid making a claim, the more savings you can make from this discount. If you can apply the maximum amount of discounts when applying for cover, you should find an affordable online vehicle insurance quote.

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