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A quick auto insurance quote can be obtained via the internet. There are now many online companies that specialise in producing quick auto insurance for busy car owners which can save you both time and money. It is always effective to compare prices before you commit to a purchase, even when you are looking at coverage policies. A quick auto insurance quote will provide you with a fast and handy guide to what to expect from your insurance policy.

The best way to approach a quick auto insurance quote is to do a little bit of thinking and research before you apply. There are three main types of insurance policy available for a quick car insurance quote, and it can save you unnecessary research if you can decide which type of insurance you wish to choose for your auto. By doing this, you can narrow down the type of quick auto insurance quote that you will get, and make your quote more valuable.

Auto insurance is a legal necessity in the UK and no one should drive without it. If they do, then they can face a hefty fine and may find it more difficult to find an affordable quick auto insurance quote in the future. The minimum amount of insurance required by UK law is third party only.

Third Party Cover

A quick quote for third party only auto cover will reveal that this type of policy is the cheapest. If you are on a tight budget, you may have to stop your investigations here. However, there are significant limitations to third party only coverage.

On the positive side, third party only will cover you against liability for damages to other vehicles if you cause an accident. It will also cover injuries to other people sustained while in that accident. So your premiums will allow your insurer to pay for damages to other people or their motors.

However, it will not cover any damage to your own auto and it will not cover theft of your car. Therefore, this type of coverage might be suitable if you have an auto of low cash value which is not likely to be stolen and that the cost of any repairs might be more than the value of the car itself. Because the benefits for third party only are so limited, a quick auto insurance quote for this type of cover should be very cheap.

If you want a more substantial type of policy when seeking a quick auto insurance quote, you could try third party fire and theft. This policy has the same benefits as simple third party, but also includes cover for fire related damage and theft. If your car is of significant cash value, and you wish to safeguard it against theft, this is the cheapest policy you could go for.

However, this policy also has its limitations. It does not cover you against any damage which is not related to fire. For example, accidental damage and vandalism are not covered. It also does not cover you for the loss of personal affects from inside your vehicle if someone breaks in but does not steal your motor.

Fully Comprehensive Cover

A fully comprehensive policy offers the most benefits. As a consequence, if you focus on this type of policy for your quick auto insurance quote, your quote will be very expensive. However, the benefits on offer could be worth the extra expense.

As well as all the benefits of third party fire and theft, this kind of policy gives you cover against the theft of your vehicle and the theft of personal affects from within your car. It also covers both accidental and malicious damage. In addition, you can often get breakdown cover included with this type of policy, which could be invaluable if you travel along lonely roads or at night.

Although a quick quote for fully comprehensive cover might seem expensive, there are many discounts that you can apply or look out for. For example, a no claims bonus can significantly reduce your premium quote. Women and mature motorists can often benefit form specialised protection due to their high safety record on the roads. Even being married could reduce your premium as married couples are considered to be more responsible than singletons.

It is always worth looking out for any discounts that you can apply when you are looking for a quick estimate. Once you have identified the type of policy you require, it should be quite straightforward to grab a quick look at the estimates your broker can pull out of the web for you. A quick auto insurance quote is not the last phase in your search for good coverage, but it will provide you with an excellent tool to gauge premium prices.

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