Quotes for Auto Insurance

Quotes for auto insurance are essential to acquire when you are searching for a new insurance policy. Auto insurance quotes vary extensively between providers so it is very important to shop around. There is no need to accept the very first estimate you are given as there may be much better insurance deals out there. Many factors contribute to your auto cover quotes so it is a good idea to be aware of these so you know how insurance companies calculate your premiums.

Auto Usage

One of the first things which can affect your premium quotes is the category of car usage which you select. Each category has a different level of risk attached to it, and high risk can lead to high insurance premiums. It is never a wise idea to lie about your auto usage category just to get a slightly lower policy rate, however. If you get into an accident using your car in a way which falls into a higher category than you have indicated, your insurer will discover this and they will decide that you have voided your agreement. As a consequence, they will not pay out on any claim.

The cheapest category of car usage is social, domestic and pleasure. This will cover you if you only use your auto to visit friends or family or go shopping. These trips will usually be over short, familiar distances and therefore attract less risk. Your quotes for auto insurance should be quite low if you are able to choose this category.

The next and most popular category is for commuting to work. Most people use their cars in this way, and this usage category also applies if you park your car at a railway station every day as part of your journey to work. The place of work that you travel to should be the same address, though. If you are required to travel to different locations for work you will need to select business use, which will give you slightly higher quotes for auto insurance.

Business use is a more expensive category because it allows for you using your car in a more extensive way. Any usage which requires you being on the road for longer periods of time or driving along unfamiliar roads will attract higher premiums. This is because you are more likely to get into an accident the longer your journey is and the more unfamiliar the route is. However, the most expensive category is commercial, which is reserved for people who spend much of their working lives out on the roads, driving their vehicles along unfamiliar routes.

Quotes for Driving History

Your driving history can be a big factor in determining your quotes for auto insurance. If you have a good, clean driving record, you can expect to enjoy quite low premium quotes. However, if your driving history is chequered or non-existent, your premiums will most certainly be higher and this will be reflected in your quotes for auto insurance.

The best way to secure discounts on your quotes for auto insurance is to build a good driving history. Sometimes that can be marred by incidents and accidents but there are always methods you can use to reduce your risk and thus your quotes. For example, if you have limited experience of driving or you have a bad driving record, you will be deemed to be high risk by your insurer. But if you can add an additional driver to your policy, this can be altered a little.

If you are going to add a named driver to your policy, their risk is added to yours. If they have a better driving history than you, this will offset your bad or non-existent driving history and result in lower quotes for auto insurance. However, if they have a worse driving history than you, your risk will increase and so will your premiums.

This is especially something to consider if you are thinking about adding a newly qualified son or daughter to your policy as a named driver. The addition of their risk to your policy will result in higher premiums, so if your budget is tight, you may decide that this is not the right move. It may be better for your child to get their own car and then add you as a named driver on their policy. In this way, they will get a discount on their auto insurance due to your good driving history, while you will not receive an increase in your own premiums.

There are a variety of factors which can contribute to your quotes for auto insurance. With some careful consideration, you may be able to lower the costs of your premiums. Therefore cost effective quotes for auto insurance are within your grasp.

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