Recreational Vehicle Insurance Quote

A recreational vehicle insurance quote is the first place to start when you begin to research motor coverage. If you only intend to use your vehicle for recreational purposes, you may be able to save some money and get a very cost effective car insurance quote. It is worth looking at the variety of factors which may affect your recreational vehicle insurance quote so that you can see how it is calculated and learn if you can positively affect your premiums by making a few changes.

Vehicle Usage Quote

A recreational vehicle insurance quote will probably involve the cheapest category of car usage. There are four main vehicle usage categories, but if you do not intend to use your vehicle to commute to work, you can make a saving by choosing the social, domestic and pleasure category. This type of usage involves the least risk and therefore will give you a cheaper recreational vehicle insurance quote.

The social, domestic and pleasure category covers you for journeys you need to take in your vehicle which do not include regular journeys to work. It is therefore suitable if you only need your motor for recreational uses, like visiting friends or family, going shopping or to the cinema or the theatre. There is less risk attached to this category because the journeys are usually short and cover familiar routes. There is less danger of getting into accidents if you drive along a familiar route or spend less time on the road. Therefore, a recreational vehicle insurance quote involving this category should prove quite cost effective.

Factors Affecting Insurance

There are other factors which might affect your recreational vehicle insurance quote. For example, if you are a female driver, you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance premium. Female motorists have been shown to be statistically less likely to cause accidents on the road than their male counterparts. This is due to the extra caution often shown by women drivers, which allows then to avoid dangerous situations. Because of this confidence in the safety of female motorists, insurance companies often offer them lower premiums.

This is still the case if you are a young female motorist who has just qualified for your full licence. Even though young drivers are often hit by extremely high premiums, young women can still benefit from discounts. Conversely, young male drivers attract the highest premiums because they are the most likely demographic to cause accidents. This is often due to overconfidence in their hazard perception. As a result, if you are a young male driver, you can expect to receive quite a high recreational vehicle insurance quote.

However, there are ways to bring down your recreational cover quote, even if you are a young male driver. One of the easiest ways to do this, if you are inexperienced, is to add a more experienced driver to your policy as a named driver. If they have a good driving history and extensive driving experience, this should result in a reduction on your premiums for your recreational motor. This is because their low risk is added to your high risk, which gains you a discount.

On the other hand, if you add someone as a named driver on your recreational car policy, and they have little experience or a bad driving history, your premium will shoot up. This is something to watch out for if you are a parent who is thinking about adding your child as a named driver on your policy. Due to their inexperience on the roads, they will add risk to your policy and cause your monthly payments to rise.


Several insurance companies now offer incentives to young people trying to find reductions on their recreational motor insurance. You can still get reductions on your cover as long as you can agree to certain restrictions. For example, an insurance company may require you to agree not to drive at night.

As most accidents occur at night, this should reduce your risk and get you a better quote. Additionally, you may be asked to avoid driving with other young people as your passengers, as a number of accidents occur when several young people are traveling in a vehicle together. Again, this should result in a lower quote.

Mature drivers can also gain a cheaper recreational vehicle insurance quote due to their greater experience of driving and their responsible attitude on the road. A quote for a mature driver is likely to be amongst the cheapest available. They probably also have the advantage of adding a substantial no claims bonus to their premium cost, which can present a significant discount. As long as you are aware of the discounts for which you may be eligible, you should be able to obtain a good value recreational vehicle insurance quote.

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