Third Party Car Insurance Quotes

Third party car insurance quotes may be the cheapest estimates you will receive when you compare quotes from several of the leading providers. Third party car insurance is the minimum level of automobile cover required by law in the UK. A third party policy protects your financial interests by compensating other drivers, passengers or property owners if they suffer injuries or property loss that is determined to be your fault.

Even a small car has the potential to cause a great deal of damage to persons and property. For this reason, the Road Traffic Act of 1988 declared that all drivers must carry third party car insurance in order to protect individuals against the harm that a vehicle might cause. Third party car insurance quotes are generally quite cheap, because this level of insurance does not pay out to cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle or the cost of treating your injuries if you are involved in a collision.

Calculating Car Insurance Quotes

Insurers take a number of factors into consideration when they calculate third party or comprehensive vehicle cover quotes for a potential customer. The level of cover you request has a notable effect on your car insurance quotes. The more comprehensive your cover, the higher your quotes will be. Third party car insurance quotes are generally much lower than quotes for comprehensive cover, which pays out for accidental damages, fire, theft, and occasionally includes such features as windscreen protection.

Third party fire and theft is an economical level of cover that's slightly more costly than a basic third party policy. Third party fire and theft includes the basic cover required by law, plus benefits to repair or replace your car in the event of a fire or theft. If your automobile is damaged during a break in, your policy will pay out to repair the damages.

The risk factors that you present as a driver, and the risk factors of your vehicle, play a role in determining how high your third party car insurance quotes will be. Young drivers, convicted motorists and other drivers who have a high probability of being involved in an accident will receive higher third party car insurance quotes than mature drivers with a clean record. If you have difficulty finding cheap third party car insurance quotes as a young or convicted driver, look for providers that offer discounted policies to motorists in your group.

Minimising the Cost of Insurance

Although third party car insurance quotes can be extremely cheap, we all want to cut the cost of our premium, if possible. If you are a newly qualified driver, you may claim a discount by completing the Pass Plus course, a safety education scheme for new drivers that reinforces the knowledge you acquired when you were completing your theory and practical exams. The Pass Plus course includes six training modules that cover risky traffic situations, such as driving in the country or in the city, driving at night and negotiating dual carriageways and motorways.

A no claims bonus is one of the most effective, time tested methods for reducing the cost of your auto cover. A no claims bonus is your reward for driving for an entire policy period without making any claims. Many providers increase the bonus over time as an added incentive to avoid accidents and keep your vehicle secure. After several years, you may achieve a considerable discount if you've continued to drive without making any claims.

Sharing a policy with other drivers may help you achieve lower premiums, especially if you are a younger motorist. When you add a mature driver -- such as a parent or guardian -- with an excellent driving record to your contract, you may reduce the cost of your coverage as a newly qualified driver. With each driver you add to your policy, however, you may receive higher third party car insurance quotes if any of these named drivers has a soiled driving record.

If you carry home or business cover through a reliable insurer and you like the service that the company provides, you may reduce the cost of your coverage by combining policies through the same provider. Many companies will offer a discount for purchasing multiple types of cover. They may also offer a discount for insuring multiple vehicles in your household.

Third party car insurance quotes may convince you that insuring your automobile doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you own an older vehicle and you don't mind if the bodywork is damaged or if the auto is stolen, this basic level of affordable coverage may be exactly what you're looking for. Before you make a binding decision, compare the different levels of coverage on offer to find the protection that offers the maximum value to you as a driver.

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