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Vehicle insurance quotes can provide you with a very useful set of estimates to get you started in your quest for cost effective car insurance. The quotes that you can obtain are usually free of charge and pull together the best offers available from the various insurers on the market. If you use an online car insurance quote service, like a price comparison site or a brokerage website, you will have to supply some details from which your vehicle insurance quotes will be derived.

These services require details from you so that they can best match your circumstances to the insurance quotes on offer. It is always recommended that you enter the most accurate information that you possibly can, so that you can acquire the most accurate and therefore useful quotes. If the data that you input is not accurate, your eventual policy may bear little resemblance to your initial vehicle insurance quotes.

There are several factors which can affect your vehicle insurance quotes. These can range from factors over which you have little control, like age or gender, to factors which you might be able to alter to your advantage. At any rate, it is always useful to know what these factors are and how they are used to calculate your vehicle insurance quotes and eventual premiums.

Risk Address

One important factor considered by insurance companies when calculating your quotes is risk address. This refers to the location in which your vehicle is parked for the majority of the time. This address will usually be the place where your vehicle is parked during the night.

The risk at this address refers to the likelihood that your vehicle will be stolen or damaged while it is parked. Generally, city centre or urban areas tend to attract the biggest calculations of risk, while rural or suburban areas tend to attract the lowest calculations of risk. Therefore, if you can give a rural location as your risk address, your vehicle insurance quotes should be lower.

This is because there is more likelihood of crimes being committed in a densely populated area, especially if the location is near shops or businesses. Rural areas, on the other hand, usually have low crimes rates. Additionally, there are simply more people about in an urban environment, so the general risk of damage is higher. A city centre location will often attract higher risk and thus result in higher vehicle insurance quotes.

However, do not be tempted to misrepresent your risk address. If your vehicle is damaged or stolen while parked for the night in location which does not match your risk address, and your insurer discovers that this is where you park your car most of the time, they may judge you to be in breach of your policy agreement. If this happens, they may not pay out. Therefore, is it always best to be as accurate and honest as possible in your search for good insurance quotes.

Safety and Security

If you have an anti-theft policy, there are always strategies that you can implement to improve the security of your vehicle and get lower quotes. Most cars have an alarm and immobiliser already installed, but in a second-hand car, these items may be damaged or missing. It is worth checking them out to make sure that they work properly. You can also invest in a tracking device. This will enable the police to trace your car if it is stolen. As the odds of your vehicle being recovered are high if you have a tracker, this may result in a reduction in your insurance premium.

You can also take steps to improve the security of the location where your car is usually parked, to reduce your risk. For example, it is far more secure to keep your motor locked up in a garage than to leave it parked on a curb away from your house. In a garage, your car is less likely to be the target of thieves and therefore the risk of theft is lower.

If you do not have contents insurance, you may need to take steps to protect your personal property within the car. If you are worried about your car being broken into and your stereo stolen, you may need to take it with you, if possible, when you leave your car parked in an unsafe location. Similarly, it would probably be a mistake to leave a bag or wallet in the car when it is left parked anywhere.

By taking better care of the security of your motor, you can achieve lower vehicle insurance quotes. If it is possible to choose a more secure risk address, it is financially advisable to do so, but never be tempted to give false information. By giving the most accurate information possible, you should get good quality vehicle insurance quotes.

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